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Embrace the Suck - when you're stuck in therapy

Updated: Jun 10

Here’s an obvious statement, change is often difficult and uncomfortable. DUH. 

We as a species like when things stay the same. We describe ourselves as creatures of habit. We don’t like when things get changed on us, especially if it’s not on our terms. And even when it is on our terms there are often periods of adjustment where we’re in a funk and need time to normalize. In therapy, this space is often paydirt. $$

So far in my posts, I’ve tried to identify little pieces of wisdom to educate both clients and clinicians. Clinicians, remember, if you’re feeling stuck in treatment, where is the client resistant to exploring? Can that be safely explored? If not, how come? And for our lovely clients, this is an encouragement and challenge that the place you have discomfort towards may very well be the place you find clarity and significant gains. This is often true in trauma therapy and grief work (which are topics I’ll be going into in the future). Sometimes there's a need for a breakdown before there's a breakthrough.

It’s like the act of stretching to increase flexibility, release tension and tightness or whatever. It’s often not easy, especially if you’re not used to stretching that specific area. In fact, it hurts a lot. But, if you breathe through it, and stay consistent, over time it gets easier and you’re able to move and bend in ways you couldn’t before! 

So, if this applies, embrace the suck. >:)

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